Rhodes Restaurant

Opening Hours

Join us for dinner from 7:00pm to 10:00pm daily. Available for drinks before and after your reservation is our Piano Lounge.


Rhodes Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant where many of our guests come for special occasions. We consider every evening an event and so our dress code is elegant. We use the term elegant because we expect guests to be well dressed and appropriate for the evening and for the climate. 

We do allow knee length tailored shorts as long as they are clean, smart and appropriate for the evening. Men’s shirts must be collared, polo shirts are acceptable, and men's shoes must be closed. Not acceptable for all are: Sports clothing, track suits, ripped jeans, slippers or flip flops/slides, trainers or sneakers, baseball caps and beachwear. 


Large Tables: We can accomodate large tables of up to 10 guests per table. For tables of over 6 guests, credit card details are required when booking your table. You can cancel your table with no fee up to 5pm the day before your reservation. Late cancellations and no shows will result in a US$25 per person cancellation fee.  Please note that we operate a one bill per table policy. 

Children: Please note that children under the age of 6 are not permitted in to the dining room after 7pm. We can serve an early dinner for families with children under 6 from 6pm. A children's menu is available for children aged between 6 to 12. Between 15 Jan and 15 Mar only children over 12 are welcome at the hotel, restaurants and bars.

Payment: We do accept Visa, American Express, Master Card and Cash. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Please Note: We do not allow pets on the property.



We kindly ask all guests to wear a mask to enter the hotel and restaurant. We also ask that you sanitize your hands before entering the restaurant, and allow our staff to take your temperature and contact tracing details. Masks may be removed once seated.


Please note that the above is a Sample Menu. To reserve your table, please either call us on +1 473 444 4334 or email reservations@calabashgrenada.com.